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Unlock and Optimize Digital Revenue

Enhance revenue growth and market share expansion by cultivating strategic partnerships, spearheading innovative product development, and leveraging data-driven decision-making.


  • Strategic Partnerships: Forge multimillion-dollar collaborations with leading social platforms and technology firms, creating substantial new revenue streams.

  • Revenue Optimization: Identify and develop new revenue channels while enhancing the profitability of existing operations.

  • Business Intelligence Implementation: Develop and launch a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that integrates data from diverse sources through API connections, enabling more informed and effective decision-making.

  • Professional Recognition: Won the 2023 NewsCorp’s Generative AI Hackathon by creating an AI-driven news product using personalization and sentiment analysis algorithms..


Global Digital Transformation

Unify the organization under a cohesive global leadership and strategic framework to achieve significant cost savings of tens of millions of dollars.


  • Program Governance: Establish a global program governance structure to oversee cross-functional workstream leads, ensuring streamlined operations and effective project delivery.

  • Risk Management and Oversight: Chair global oversight committees to proactively identify and mitigate financial, productivity, and reputational risks, while optimizing resource allocation across teams and functions.

  • Financial Management: Collaborate with Finance teams to effectively manage and report on P&L and business case impacts, ensuring financial targets and objectives are met.

  • Strategic Project Governance: Oversee strategic initiatives prioritized by the CEO, ensuring that projects align with organizational goals and deliver substantial value.

  • Delivery Methodologies: Implement a mix of traditional, agile, and adaptive delivery methodologies to achieve desired business outcomes and meet targeted objectives.


Company-Wide Strategic Innovation​

Develop and implement a strategy to transition Paramount Pictures from a film-based movie production supply chain to a digital-first production approach.


  • Collaborative Strategy Development: Engaged with senior leaders from Finance, Marketing, Post-Production, and Archive departments to formulate a comprehensive business case.

  • Planning and Analysis: Established a detailed timeline and conducted a capabilities analysis to integrate digital filmmaking and archiving tools effectively.

  • Digital Transformation Execution: Leveraged insights to facilitate the identification, creation, distribution, and storage of movie assets through advanced digital solutions.


Business and Digital Transformation

Drive the global multimillion-dollar transformation of digital assets across Sales, Operations, and Engineering, while launching new digital products.


  • Revenue Growth and Expansion: Expanded the customer base and built new partnerships, significantly growing a diverse portfolio of revenue streams.

  • Product Launches: Successfully launched a range of digital and linear video products and services hosted in the Cloud, including OTT (Over-The-Top), VOD (Video on Demand), SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand), and AVOD (Advertising-Based Video on Demand) platforms.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Implemented global customer-centric initiatives that forged strategic partnerships with key content service providers, enhancing the company's market presence and service capabilities.


Business/Digital Transformation and Company-Wide Strategic Innovation

Directed a comprehensive, multi-year digital transformation encompassing strategic initiatives, significant growth investments, and achievement of cost savings targets.


  • Digital Platform Launch: Successfully launched a new digital platform that enhances content creation and publishing capabilities, streamlining processes and improving output quality.

  • Agile Implementation: Embedded Agile methodologies across the enterprise to foster a culture of consumer-centricity, spur continuous innovation, and enhance collaboration among teams.

  • Project Portfolio Management: Developed and managed a diverse portfolio of projects integral to the digital transformation strategy. Established and administered a dedicated fund to ensure these projects were financially supported through to successful completion.


Complex Technology & Operating Engagements

Drive transformative change across the organization through comprehensive system and data integrations, while achieving significant cost savings.


  • Global Restructuring Leadership: Spearheaded a global restructuring initiative that not only enhanced digital expertise across the company but also led to a substantial reduction in annualized costs.

  • Strategic Acquisitions Integration: Successfully managed the integration of the newly acquired Refinery 29, ensuring seamless merging of operations and alignment with corporate strategies.

  • Global Team Development: Established and led global teams in North America, London, Amsterdam, and Dubai. These teams developed and implemented key solutions for Sales and Finance that addressed specific needs in each region.

  • Cultural Transformation: Actively drove a consumer-centric culture change within the company by aligning internal culture with ongoing transformational shifts in media consumption and user behavior.

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